AD Frances Nov/Dec 22


The Frances Collection by fferrone graces the Sandra & Raimondo Octagon Table by Maria Vittoria Paggini in Pontaccio19 by A Casa ...Veronelli during Milan Design Week.
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It is in Tuscany, where at a very young age, thru the family goldsmith business Maria Vittoria Paggini approached the world of creation and design. She discovered there infinite chromatic possibilities of materials, laying the foundations of her aesthetic with tactile and colorful elegance recognizable among a thousand. Fluid and subtle contrasts between solid geometries, soft materials, transparencies and bright tones, her pieces, as if suspended in space and time, play with the balance between classic, modern and contemporary.
Mirror, ribbed glass, hammered steel, sculpted wood... in Milan, the designer has just presented a broad overview of her work in Pontaccio 19, a minisuite composed of arrangements and geometric pieces of furniture marked by unique nuances and delicacy. N.M.   - IG @mariavittoriapaggini
BY Serge Gleizes, Fanny Guénon des Mesnards, Marina Hemonet, Nicolas Milon, Laurence Mouillefarine.
Location: Pontaccio19 - A Casa...Veronelli