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The good news: your bar cart is stocked. You’ve curated a selection of the best spirits around. You’re ready to cocktail; perhaps you’ve already invested in a stellar set of martini glasses. Maybe your wine glasses are up to snuff. But when was the last time you evaluated your highball collection? Yes, we mean those tall, slender glass tumblers that are often used to serve mixed cocktails over ice. What can you serve in a highball? Everything from a vodka tonic to a gin fizz. If it’s a cocktail with a mixer served over ice, it probably belongs in one of these glasses. And yes, according to our experts: The glassware you use really does matter, whether you’re drinking a fragrant, orange peel-adorned old fashioned in a rocks glass, or a bitter, shaken negroni in a stemmed Nick and Nora glass. And for highballs, their very specific components require a glass that will showcase them properly. “Highball glasses allow room for effervescence, fruit, and a tall straw,” says Tiffanie Barriere, mixologist and founder of The Drinking Coach.