Zig Zag Bookcase 2



Conceived as a bookcase to breakup the plane of the wall, this modular system, is versatile as a room divider as well as a backdrop in any space, be it a residence or office space. This system begins with a minimum of 2 modules and can have an infinite length by adding modules. The Zig Zag’s strong graphic quality, with it’s clean, linear, black lines and mirrored black glass shelves, and dynamic staggered structure, is ever changing depending on how it is viewed and positioned in space.

material • powder coated stee / black mirror glass: Minimum 2 modules
type • bookcase
size • h.183.5 cm (72 1/4 in) x157 cm (61 3/4 in) for 2 modules

Design: Felicia Ferrone, 2014
Handcrafted in Chicago