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Whether you’re serving cocktails, wine or water, pouring the drinks out of a striking carafe makes it feel a little more special.

“I keep one on my desk because I like that it brings a little personality,” said Brittney Hart, who founded Husband Wife, a Brooklyn-based architecture and design firm, with her husband, Justin Capuco. “It has a dual purpose of being pretty and reminding me to do my healthful duty and drink some water as the day progresses.”

Ms. Hart’s office carafe, a vintage piece by Gabriella Crespi that she found in Milan, reminds her of her travels. But she and Mr. Capuco also have lots of other carafes at home, which they deploy during dinner parties, when a pandemic doesn’t interfere.

“We’ll just put them all on the table,” she said. “Every two people get one. It’s a nice, informal way of serving water.”

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